This books (Listen to Your Gut [PDF]) Made by Jini Patel Thompson. Business Mastery: A Guide for Creating a Fulfilling, Thriving Business and Ke The Sun Is My Enemy: One Woman s Victory over Mysterious and Dreaded Disease. Full text of "LISTEN TO YOUR GUT: The Complete Natural Healing Program For TRANSCRIPT i 4. Gut I THE COMPLETE Natural Healing Program FOR IBS & IBD Crohn's Ulcerative Colitis Diverticulitis IBS JINI PATEL THOMPSON Praise for Listen To Your.

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    iI have found the book/program (Listen to Your Gut) VERY helpful. By . Listen to your gut: the complete natural healing program for IBS & IBD: Crohn s. Diet and the gut, the essential relationship for good health. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT. EAT RIGHT AND FEEL GOOD. Paris. FRANCE. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT. Effective Natural Healing. Protocols For IBD & IBS. ~ QUICK START GUIDE ~. By. Jini Patel Thompson. Note: All links in this document .

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    Well-developed intuition can seem like a superpower, she adds.

    Here are four simple steps that are sure to increase your intuitive powers: 1. Listen to your gut. Believe it or not, your digestive system can help improve your intuition. Enhance that aspect of your intuition by checking in with your gut when you have decisions to make. For instance, if you're hiring someone, set an intention before the interview to listen with both your mind and your gut.

    Or comfortable, exhilarated, and at ease? If your intuition tells you otherwise, pay attention. Observe your energy levels. Pay attention to whether being around someone makes you feel tired and drained or energetic and lively, Orloff suggests. Some people, she says, are energy vampires who will suck the life out of you and drag you down.

    Monthly Review | Monthly Review Volume 64, Number 11 (April ) [PDF]

    Capture your flashes. Intuition usually comes to us in a flash of insight--an aha! This person could help my project along. Do a three-minute meditation. If even that is too challenging, at least get off by yourself for a few moments. Take a walk, or duck into the bathroom if need be.

    The first is quick, instinctual and effortless. This is where our intuition lies. Intuition works by drawing on patterns collected by our experience and when we have to make a quick decision about whether something is real, fake, feels good, feels bad, right or wrong, we draw on these patterns.

    Strategic decisions: When can you trust your gut?

    The second operating system is slower to respond. The Evidence Science has found real evidence to support the existence of intuition.

    This particular study showed how the intuitive part of our brain knows the right answer long before the more analytical part. In this study, participants played a card game which, unknown to the participants, was rigged from the beginning.

    Participants had to choose from one of two decks of cards. One was rigged to provide big wins, then big losses.

    Super Charge Your Health: Let the Magic of Smoothies Heal You Inside Out (PDF / E-Book Version)

    The other — small gains but hardly any losses. The participants reported that after 50 cards, they had a hunch about which deck was safer. After 80 they were able to explain the difference between the two decks. It was about then that participants started to prefer the safer deck but there was no conscious awareness that this was happening.

    Sharpening Your Intuition Every person on the planet has intuition but not every person listens chooses to listen to it.

    Intuition is the way the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind. So intuition is a brilliant thing.

    No tricks here. When you start to take notice, good things will happen. Just try it and see. Trust your gut feeling.

    And there is. Research suggests that emotion and intuition have a physical presence in our gut. It will be worth it. Be ready to let bad feelings go. Research has backed this, finding that people made better intuitive choices in a word task when they were in a positive mood as compared to when they were in a negative mood.

    Be deliberate about the people you hang on to.